Dubli Network Launches Cash Back Tool Bar In Japan

Dubli is a marketing company which offers online shopping, travel as well as entertainment solutions to customers across the globe. The company has partnered with leading global merchants that offer quality goods and services. Customers are therefore able to get almost any goods or services at their favorite stores. Even though it is not a mainstream shopping method, it is budget-friendly and enables customers to get quality merchandise and make great travel arrangements.

In addition, customers can get cashback rewards on almost all their online purchases.

Recently, Dubli announced its global cash back toolbar with 8 new languages added to the Dubli.com portal. It now has 15 languages total. Even customers who signup for a free membership are eligible for cashback rewards each time they purchase from the Dubli shopping network, whenever they use the site to book their hotels and flights or download software and games.


What is The Dubli Cashback Toolbar?

The Dubli cashback toolbar is an exciting feature, which gives the customer a chance to receive a monetary reward whenever he/she makes a purchase. To use this toolbar one has to download and install it on the browser. It is quite easy to log in and use. It truly creates a virtual shopping mall for over 4,000 major brands from you to choose with.

Basically, each time a customer visits a Dubli affiliate site he/she is informed of those purchases that qualify for cashback rewards.

How It Works?

Cashback shopping is extremely easy and straightforward. The steps bellow elaborate on how the cash back rewards toolbar works.

1. Pick the Membership Level

While signing up, ensure you carefully select your membership level. This is because the level determines the cashback amount that a customer receives on every purchase. There are free and paid membership levels.

Free membership customers are entitled to a monthly cash back reward on all purchases made at the site’s shopping mall.
Free membership has its own merits, although the premium and V.I.P memberships are even more lucrative. For instance, besides the monthly cashback rewards, a premium member is entitled to an additional 4% on the annual cashback payment. On the other hand, besides the normal cash back rewards, a V.I.P member gets an additional 6% on the monthly cashback reward.

2. Choose Your Shopping Method and Make a Purchase

There are two major ways of shopping through Dubli so as to earn the cash back rewards. The first method entails shopping at one of its online shopping malls. The company has shopping malls in various European Countries, United States, Japan and Australia. Those members that shop at these malls are guaranteed a cashback reward on all of their purchases.
The other shopping method entails installing the cash rewards toolbar.

Once you have installed the toolbar, you will be notified about those products or services with cash back rewards. In addition while searching for a product on your browser, you get notifications about those merchants that have the product or those that offer the respective service.

3. Receive the Cash back reward

With each purchase, a customer is able to see the balance of the cash rewards accumulate. The cashback is normally held for up to 60 days so as to enable the merchants to make their judgments. After that, it is deposited in the cash organizer from where it can be withdrawn. The minimum amount that can be withdrawn is $25 for those using prepaid debit cards or eWallets and a $50 minimum for global bank transfers.

If you are looking for the most budget-friendly, convenient and rewarding shopping method with guaranteed cashback rewards, Dubli MLM residual income on all your shopping habits could be a great way to get it done.

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