Entrepreneur Podcast: Change Your Beliefs, Your Mindset – Change Your Income

 If you missed our Entrepreneur Podcast, we have a recap of what went down.

Here’s a little snippet from the podcast when we interviewed James from Empower Network.

Enter James:

“OK, It’s Saturday and I want to go a little easier on you.

This podcast is going to be short and sweet with a nice little…short and sweet video for you to watch.

Now I didn’t just grab some random video to throw in here to take up space.

It’s an excellent video.

You NEED to watch it.

Maybe even a few times.

But don’t just watch….listen, absorb, contemplate, feel.


This really hit a chord with me…the subconscious.

Belief. Whatever you believe in, is what you are.

Unfortunately… many people, even if it’s in their subconscious mind, believe that they cannot make their own destiny.

You also believe what you tell yourself time and time again.

You may “think” one thing…”Ya, I CAN do this.”

Maybe you just watched one of those “Ra Ra” videos and you’re all pumped up.

But then that wears off and that subconscious belief takes over again.

You’ve been living month to month with the same income for a long time and that’s what you internally believe is your destiny.

I’ve been saying “you” and your” but what I should also be saying is “I” and “me”.

Because that’s exactly how I thought.

I know this will sound corny, which is sad really, that something like this should sound “uncomfortable” but Empower Network has done just that…

Empowered me to change my subconscious mind, my mindset…

Not just my ability to focus and concentrate

but…to get out of the belief that the rut I’m in is all I’m due.

And it wasn’t from watching “RA, RA” videos. If you’ve watched the Boot Camp Videos, then you have a little taste of what’s available to you.

They motivated me, not through the Ra Ra crap but showing me that through bettering myself, improving myself, I can help others AND have a vastly better income.

I’m not here to preach to you. That’s the LAST thing I want to do.

So sorry if I babbled on too long. I’m just telling you where I’m at…starting to believe that I will make tons of money with Empower…changing my mindset…becoming a better person. I have been eating better and started taking a probiotic supplement for good immunity.

Because when I tell you my story it makes it seat better in my psyche.

And the desire to change continues to increase.

The subconscious mind is what rules you.

So you’ve got to take control of it. I should have done this long ago, but for whatever reason, I didn’t.

It took Empower Network to push me to change.

Stop letting your subconscious mind rule you.

YOU are the master of you.

Tell your subconscious that…


Check your mindset.

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